Fishtail Braids: Step-by-step procedure


Don’t get us wrong, we totally love the traditional braid, but sometimes we just like to get creative with our hair—and with that we’re officially bringing back the fishtail braid. A few years back, we saw lots of women flaunting the laidback, romantic hairstyles and if you want to give that a try too, then this tutorial’s definitely what you need!

Now, what we want to work with here is dry hair, preferably 2 or 3 days old. This is because it is great not just for texture but in terms of staying abilities.

Okay, so what we want to do first is to gather all our strands towards one side and over our shoulders. Once that has been done, let’s split our hair into two sections—A and B.  

Next, and we want you to pay extra attention here: take a piece from section A and then overlap it on to the whole of section B. Then, do the same with a piece from section B, over the whole of section A. Let’s continue doing this until we reach the end of the entire length. 

 Now that that is done, let’s just secure our work with a hair elastic. And then spritz hairspray all over it for extra hold. 

 Lastly, for an extra laidback look, what we want to do is to pinch and pull the edges of the braid (as if to flatten it). No need to be extra cautious or meticulous in doing this. What we’re aiming for is a laidback and easygoing look so learn to just have fun with the process as well as the style.