Carry a permanent Art with our Tattoo Services. Remember a loved one, a place, a thing, a pet, a day with the help of our Art Tattoo Services.

We Are The Classy Style

Hey, I’m Michael A. Busby the owner of The Classy Style where we offer you tattoo services by carrying a permanent reminder on your skin. Our services are guaranteed safe, and sanitary. Administered by our tattoo experts. 

What we Offer

Tattoo Artists

highly trained and highly recommended  


studio is sanitized every day 

Beautifully Crafted

each tattoo is carefully and beautifully crafted

No Side Effects

as our treatment is natural, you don’t have to worry about any side ...

What People Say

I decided to get a tattoo and I was amazed at the service. The tattoo artist totally got my vision! I love it. 

I am happy about the designs that I have with my tattoo. I am sure that I will be back again in The Classy Style. 

I have always been planning to get inked. However, since I am not sure if the place is sanitary or not I hold back with the decision. A friend recommended The Classy Style, so, I have my first. Thank you guys.


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